YJ01 Providers

Right Track YJ01 provides city-subsidized summer jobs in parks, libraries, and nonprofits.

YJ01 offers a variety of jobs for youth in recreation and community centers, pools, libraries, gardening, construction, video production and much more. Right Track YJ01 jobs may be with organizations like Saint Paul Parks & Recreation, the Science Museum of MN, YWCA, Youth Express, Urban Roots and many more.

The Provider Application to host YJ01 workers is now closed. Providers will be notified by February 3rd if they have been selected as a YJ01 Provider:

For a detailed hiring timeline, click here.

Benefits to Providers

  • Opportunity to expose youth from diverse backgrounds to careers in your industry
  • Youth wages are subsidized by Right Track
  • Opportunity to interview youth applicants and make hiring recommendations
  • Right Track staff are available to help troubleshoot workplace issues that arise
  • Recognition on Right Track materials and website as a supporter of Saint Paul’s future workforce

What Providers Do

  • Interview and recommend youth who are interested in working for your organization
  • Provide a 6-to-9 week summer job between June 20 and August 19
  • 15 to 20 hours per week
  • Provide a designated supervisor to oversee youth performance and submit time cards

What Right Track Provides

  • Orientation and training for workplace supervisors
  • Payroll services for youth workers
  • On-site intervention for workplace issues that arise

YJ01 Provider FAQs

These organizations provided Right Track jobs in 2016.



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